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2017 Lake Association Committees
Audit Terry Moody
Budget & Finance  Budget, Finance and Audit  Lisa Wentworth
Bylaws   Review and update  Cynthia Lamar
CWLP Liaison  Building and Zoning
Lake Maintenance & Dredging
Roads and Infrastructure
Watershed Resources
 Kathleen Sorenson

Kim Curry

Directory Publication
 John Aiello

Lisa Wentworth

Lake Events Schedule  Kent Keiser
Lake Council Representative  Adam Pallai
Marketing Newsletter
 Markus Veile
Membership New Members
 Becky Hendricks
Scholarship Sherel Nutt / Cinda & Frank Edwards Memorial Scholarship  Jim Corrigan
Social Clean Up Day

Family Picnic
Dinner on the Waterfront

John Aiello
Valerie Nester
Website  Markus Veile