Current Board

Below is a list of 2024 SLSIA Executive Board members:

The Springfield  Lake Shore Improvement Association Board is comprised strictly of volunteers.  Each year the board meetings on a schedule depending on board members availability, and anyone is welcome to attend. Our Executive Board members are elected and include:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Membership

Springfield Lake Shore Improvement Association Board of Directors:

Executive Board Members

President – Micah King
Vice-President  – John Aiello
Secretary – Cynthia Lamar
Treasurer – Lisa Wentworth

Board Member

John Aiello                                                        Mary Pat Cavanagh                                       Jim Corrigan

Jeff Cox                                                             Becky Hendricks                                            Dawn Keiser

Micah King                                                        Dee Kirby                                                      Cynthia Lamar

Larry Michaud                                                   Terry Moody                                                  Peter Murphy

Valerie Nester                                                   Carol Schempp                                              Rob Tucker

Lisa Wentworth                                                 Markus Veile                                                  Justin Tintori

John Finnell                                                      Adam Pallai                                                    John Brewer

Tom Purves                                                       Tim Brinkman                                                Robin Fuchs